Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 'In-Laws'

This past Friday night (1/15) we had a great concert at
The River
Church in Nashville, Tn. There was a
packed out house and The Spirit of God was surely there.

Before the concert started, I was in the
lobby waiting for my family to come in off the bus, so we could go on the pulpit together. I looked up and saw my THREE KIDS-IN-LAW, just talking with each other. A friend of ours , Kimmie, was standing beside me and I said "Quick, take that picture"!

I am so proud of these fine individuals who are a part of our family...... Jimmy,
Mindy and John. Sonya, Ben and Becky are very blessed to have these
supportive and beautiful people as their spouses. Oh, did I mention,
"SO AM I".....Do I sound like that proud little "JEWISH MOTHER"? You
bet I am !!!! Lily Isaacs