Monday, April 20, 2009

Hannah Montana? It's Sonya Isaacs!

Last summer I was invited to be a backup singer in the new Hannah Montana movie that just came out! My friend Lisa (she's on my right in the scene) was my publisher at Disney Music Publishing, and she asked Jessi (another Disney writer) and me to join her as backup singers for Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus on 2 songs during the movie. We couldnt believe it! Actresses!! lol... We were given the opportunity to write songs as well, but I didnt have any luck with it... Jessi, on the otherhand,(btw: she's the girl to my left in the scene) had some amazing luck.... She and our friend Jon Mabe cowrote the smash hit "The Climb" which is now a HUGE song for Miley! What a great song.. and a great performance by Ms. Cyrus!!

We filmed for 3 days in Smiley Hollow Campground, located in Goodlettsville, TN, in the dead heat of the summer last June (08)... In spite of the 95 degree days with no a/c on set, we had an amazing time and got to hang out with the wonderful cast of Hannah Montana. Miley is very sweet, and is such a great actress... and all the other cast members were so down to earth and friendly too. It was an unforgettable experience and I feel blessed for the opportunity to be in it. I believe good clean entertainment is important these days. Kids need to be presented movies like this one that teach you to keep dreaming, but keep your feet on the ground! Hope you enjoy the movie!!



Beth E. said...

What a great experience...sounds like you had a blast! :o)

Lilly said...

oh my! I thought that was you! LOL. Sounds like loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast, and what an opportunity! I bet your cool quotient went up about a million percent with your nieces and nephews!

jakeiwu said...

Hey Isaacs! It's really cool to read your blog every once in awhile. I am a huge fan of you all, and I try to see you in concert when I can. I am just graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University next week, and my dream is to be singing Southern Gospel someday! I know you probably get asked this all the time, but if you have any advice for me, I would very much appreciate it! My email is
I so very much appreciate your music, and the amazing lyrics you write. You are all quite talented but even more so, you know where that talent comes from, and you give it directly back to Him- that is extremely evident at your concerts. God Bless, and I hope to being seeing you in Shipshewana, IN in May. Take Care!


PS- Congrats, Sonya! That is awesome!

~ME said...

On "Hoe Down Throw Down" Are you singing back up on that one? Also, I've heard different things about Miley and I was just wondering if she says she's a christian.

Sounds like ya had fun.


Fred and Leon said...

Awesome!! Looks like it was a blast.
~Alysha and Emily Bankester

vballaddz24 said...

Wow! This is very neat that you had the opportunity to be in this movie. Was it fun?

leticia said...

Soniaaaaaaaaaaa eu conheci voce aqui do Brasil!!!!Parabens pela sua participação.....voce é demais!!!kisses

Lindsay Watson said...

Ok, Sonya.... I saw this movie and I couldn't believe you were in it! Lucky lol. I'm rly jealous that you got ur pic taken with Lucas.... lol. He's soo cute!! :)