Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LIVE taping tonight July 21st, 2009

The Isaacs are in San Antonio, TX tonight participating in a LIVE video taping with the Gaither Vocal Band. Check in here throughout the evening for updates and photos from the taping. Gaither's own Emily Sutherland is in attendance with her camera and will be sharing with us as the evening progresses. Who knows, we might hear from Sonya or Becky via Twitter.
You can follow Becky on Twitter at "RebeccaIBowman"
You can follow Sonya on Twitter at "SonyaI"
You can follow Lisa on Twitter at "LisaLou08"
Keep in mind these photos are cell phone photos. You can click on photos to enlarge them.

11:05pm - update from Becky Isaacs Bowman - The isaacs just finished and it was so much fun. They were so energetic and loving. PRAISE GOD.

9:55pm - update from Jason Crabb - I need thee, Every hour I need thee

9:50pm - update from Becky Isaacs Bowman - You got to get the new GVB CD. THE NEW SONGS ARE WONDERFUL. Features them perfect.

9:25pm - update from Becky Isaacs Bowman - Jason Crabb and the isaacs r up soon. You all pray for Gods anointing. Amen.

9:05pm - update from Sonya Isaacs via - Hey! Comin to you live from the Gaither taping in San Antonio! Its a great night. The GVB is on now tearin it up! We go on in about an hour

8:55pm - from Emily Sutherland - The Gvb is knocking it out of the stinkin park.

8:47pm from Jason Crabb - Michael English just knocked it out with Love of God!

8:45pm - Latest message from Becky Isaacs Bowman via Twitter - What a night. David Wes Bill Michael and Mark are sounding the best ever. Wow!

8:40pm - Latest message from Jason Crabb via Facebook

Wow Wow!!!! they sound so good!! Three songs in and the GVB has them on their feet go guys.

8:30pm Latest message and photo from Jason Crabb via Facebook -
Gaither vocal band just took stage for new video so cool they sound great!!!!

8:15pm - latest Twitter from Becky Isaacs Bowman - Well we r backstage getting ready for this exciting Gaither vocal band video. Going to be so much fun!

7:50pm -latest Twitter from Wes Hampton of the GVB - Start in ten minutes. Clothes on, makeup on, hair on, er, done. Nervous, excited, etc. Here we go...

Wes Hampton, David Phelps, Michael English
b-roll by the river

Bill Gaither dressed and ready to roll........

Sonya in catering - she's eating a deep fried Slim Jim - Yum

Live Concert & Video Taping
July 21, 2009 at 7:00 PM
The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, TX

The fabulous five-man line-up that is the Gaither Vocal Band will appear before a live audience in San Antonio, Texas, on July 21 for their first video-taping together! This concert and video-taping will feature the all-star Gaither Vocal Band, including Bill Gaither, Michael English, Wes Hampton, Mark Lowry & David Phelps, plus this exciting night includes special guest performances by The Isaacs, and Jason Crabb!

Tickets go on sale Monday, June 8, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time for this historic event! For members, we have even better news… we are holding 500 premium seats just for Premium Members!


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Isaacs Fan! said...

Hey! With the mention of twitter!!!! Why did you guys take it off of the side bar thing? That was so cool cause all I had to do was get on here instead of getting on here and twitter.
Looks like ya'll had a fun time in TX.
God bless you all as you continue to spread the Gospel through songs!