Monday, May 18, 2009

Meeting the Chief

Meeting Chief Musele!

In every village, there is a Chief and today we got to meet Chief Musele himself!  This title was inherited by his father and those before, and getting the opportunity to visit him was really an honor!  When we arrived at his home..(which really wasnt too much more modern than any of the village folks we met), we were instructed to wait at the gate for permission to enter.  We followed specific rules and guidelines, like, bow and clap when you enter, to show respect, and never ever touch him.. and only speak when spoken to..

He welcomed us into his home and there he and his first wife (he only has 3, lol) entertained us for over an hour.  Being the leader of the people, he really showed graitude to Team Isaacs for helping Musele village, and to WV for all their efforts.. then he continued to share what overwhelming needs they still have.  I suppose representing the people, part of his job is to speak for them, and he shared, almost pleading for more to be done on their behalf.  It was very somber and serious for most of the time there, and when we left, we took pictures with them. 

It was a nice visit, and we knew that we were appreciated and welcome to return anytime.  Oh, and he wore sortof a long kiltish looking traditional skirt and a matching jacket and some sort of headdress.. He looked verrrry important :-)  

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