Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Falls and the Zambezi boat ride.....

Hey everybody... Im sorry you havent heard from us! We reluctantly left the village of Musele yesterday (the17th)  and flew to finish our trip in a very touristy part of Africa. A place called Victoria Falls in Zambia...  Yesterday we arrived by charter plane, a 12 seat Cessna plane which just barely had room for us and our luggage! Poor Becky was so nervous (she hates to fly anyway) and we all dreaded the 2 1/2 hour flight with no bathroom!  lol!  We finally arrived in Livingstone and spent the day at the Amazing Falls... One of the Seven Wonders of the World!  WOW!  We rented a rain coat at the entrance not knowing what to expect as we walked the path to the falls.  It was sooo breathtaking!!  The mossy path led us through the woods and to the cliffs of the waterfall.. then we took an exciting adventure over a bridge that walked you right through the big splash of the falls.  We all felt like kids again as we walked through what was like a heavy down pour of rain, which actually was the mist from the fall.. it was spectacular, and so huge!!!  Levi and Jakobi loved it!!

After the Falls visit, which left us quite wet inspite of our wetgear, we were taken on a dinner boat up the Zambezi River (which empties in the Falls).  For the next few hours we sailed on the calm waters while the warm sunshine dried our wet pants and shoes.  We saw all kinds of birds and natural wildlife and just enjoed a gorgeous African sunset before returning to the dock.   Our Zambian host, Victor, has done such a great job planning these sightseeing adventures for us.  Thank you Victor!!  We will miss you!

We headed back to our hotel after the boat ride, and after chasing a lizard from our villa,and letting the mosquito nets down over the beds,  settled in for a good nights sleep.  We wanted to be well rested for today.. THE SAFARI!!!!! 



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