Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow City, Iowa

The bus across the snowy parking lot

Outside the hotel lobby window

Not really.....we're in Sioux City, Iowa but it really looks more like snow city.  I took the pics above with my cell phone out the hotel window.  We arrived here around 8:00 CST this morning.  The temperature outside is -0-!!!! Yes, that's ZERO.  It is soooooo cold.  There is several inches of snow on the ground.  Thankfully the roads were clear.  

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby by a cozy fireplace, having a cup of java and watching the folks slide trying to get into the hotel.  We're looking forward to a great concert tonight at Cornerstone World Outreach church.  They had left beautiful gift baskets filled with goodies in the hotel rooms which we found this morning.  What a nice sentiment!  I guess I better get packed up and back out to the bus.  I wouldn't want to be forgotten : > (

Have a happy hump day!!


Anonymous said...

Im so glad you made it there safely. I look foward to all the pictures. We dont get much snow here in SC, just a dusting every now and then. Have fun and stay warm.

Love to you all,
Belle Branham
South Carolina

Beth E. said...

Sitting by a cozy fireplace, having a cup of java....that sounds wonderful! Enjoy the snow...we're supposed to get some on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hi all, Wait till ya get to Wisconsin, it's spectacular here also. We live out in the middle of the country with gentle rolling hills and woods in the distance. It's just beautiful. If you're looking for somewhere to eat, the Brett Favre Steakhouse is just down the block from the Resch Center. They used to have a specialty burger that's HUGE! They open at 3:30 on Saturday, I called and checked. Have fun tonight and safe traveling. Can't wait till Saturday!