Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Messages from The Isaacs

From Lily
Well, it seems as if another year is almost here!! Where did 
2008 go? I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful year. Just 
getting to know many of you in our concerts has been a highlight! We 
pray that you all have a healthy and happy New Year. Please pray for 
us whenever you think of us, and please come visit us often. God 
Bless you,  Lily and all the Isaacs


From Sonya
Hey everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and managed to find some time to relax! I was busy shopping and wrapping right up till the last minute this year but caught up on my rest this week in style! Let me tell you about it...
Most of you know my sweet lil Jewish Grandma still lives in the Bronx, New York.  After some tender Tennessee Christmas memories with friends and family,  Nate and I took an early flight out of Nashville on the 26th to spend a few days wth her.
We spent the whole day in Manhattan, enjoying the beautiful holiday decorations and the hustle and bustle of the crowded city pace. We stood at Rockefeller Plaza and admired the 60 ft tree while Jingle Bell Rock serenaded hundreds of bundled up ice skaters below. Beautiful!!!  I ate sooo much good food.. my favorite being the NY cheese pizza and hot dogs with spicy mustard and sauerkraut sold by the street cart vendors (I know, not too healthy, but deeelicious!!) I love New York City at Christmas time. It really is amazing! 
Then we took the $50, 30 minute taxi ride to Grandma's. She was so excited to see us! She is 89 years young and lives alone there... We had a great time, and even got a good laugh when the lock to her apartment door broke leaving us stranded in the hall of the apartment building for an hour! Have you ever had to pay a locksmith on a Sunday evening to break into your house and then replace the lock? Ouch! $255 big ones.. But at least we were here together! She has a friend, June, from health services who keeps her company a few hours a day and helps her run errands and such. The two of them are so cute together. June is a middle aged Jamaican woman, and Grandma, well she's still fun and vivacious and hard to keep up with... :-).  We really did have a blast and returned Mon night to get ready to head out today for New Years Eve in WV. Please keep Grandma Faye in your prayers as we continue to trust the Lord for His light to be revealed to her in a miraculous way!!

We are going to be singing in the New Year this year...  I hope that wherever you are when the Big Apple drops, that you will join me in thanking God for another blessed year. He is reliable, and faithful and we don't have to fear or fret what is to be as long as we know He is in charge.. And He most definitely IS!!!!

Love and Blessings this New Year!
Sonya Isaacs

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christabelle ogechi said...

hey, this is a big big fan from Africa, I just love the issacs and you especially Sonya, I have watched almost all your songs right from the homecoming series. You sure have a great voice and a great smile.

That was a beautiful christmas, my prayers are with your gramdma, not to worry in God's own time he will shine hs bright light on her.

Joining you to thank God for his grace to see this new year.

God Bless you!!!