Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Isaacs at NQC 2009

Hi everyone!
This is Gina and I have been blessed to spend the week with The Isaacs at the 2009 NQC in beautiful Louisville, KY. I had a few computer connection problems at the hotel and have not been able to blog until now. Hopefully, I will be able to blog more often through the rest of the week.
We arrived in Louisville on Tuesday afternoon. We unloaded and set up the booth in the Exhibition Hall. For those who were here last year, we are in the same location. The Isaacs have a new back-drop that was done from the same photo as the cover of their new CD, “The Isaacs, Naturally” and it is a great photo of the Isaacs family.

The Isaacs were scheduled for sound check at 3:25pm and that went smoothly. Although they were not scheduled to perform until six hours later, there was not much time for relaxing. I learned a long time ago that these people do so much more than just show up and sing. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into it…..then they sing. The week of NQC is filled with TV, radio and magazine interviews. Fans get a chance to meet and talk to their favorite musicians. However, business must go on as usual; things like travel planning for future dates, ordering products and equipment and keeping up with family left behind at home.
I was joined at the product table by Louisville natives, Sherry and Jennifer Thurmond, long-time friends of the Isaacs family. We closed the table a little after 9pm and walked the ramp to the backstage area with The Isaacs. I was able to get some pics as they were waiting their turn to take the stage.

They were warmly welcomed on stage by the crowd, and started their four-song set with “Walk On”. Ben introduced the next song and gave the history of “The Three Bells”. The crowd was hard to read at the time, but I learned later at the product table that they absolutely loved it! Next, they did Sonya’s, “A Little Bit of Heaven”. They finished with “I Will Praise Him” and brought down the house! I was slowly making my way to the exit in an attempt to beat the crowd back to the table. I stood there to hear the song and when they did the first modulation (I just learned that word) the crowd audibly gasped! Before the second verse, the crowd was applauding and the applause did not stop. I wanted to tell everyone there to hold on to their seats because they were not finished! Of course, when they did finish, they got a huge standing ovation. I was moved to tears…..that song always does that to me.
Later at the table, the fans bombarded us to purchase the new CD! They loved the new songs. I wish I could have counted the times that I said, “Yes, this is the one” about the CD. We received great feedback from so many fans. It was wonderful.

Wednesday started with the Gaither Sing-Along. There was a good crowd and some great music as always. After the sing-along, there were interviews, autographs and a lot of catching up with old friends.
And now, The Isaacs are on their way to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina for a concert on Friday night. Then, they return here to Louisville for their performance on Saturday night. I anxiously await their return as well as the arrival of Lisa and Wade Hildreth.
Good night all. Please pray for safe travels for The Isaacs and for their ministry. And please make plans to see them real soon!


Gina Black

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