Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Isaacs: Back at NQC!

The Isaacs woke up in Louisville, KY for the final day of the National Quartet Convention. They perform tonight at 8:35pm. They've been very popular here this week and their newest project, "The Isaacs, Naturally", has been very well-received thus far. So well received, in fact, that they had to have a shipment of CD's sent in overnight from the warehouse!

It has been a gorgeous week in Louisville but today is cloudy and overcast. I think we might get wet on our way to the bus tonight! But, we are thankful for all things. A little rain can't possibly mar the fantastic week we've have had here at NQC.

Last night while the group was in North Carolina, I had a chance to hear some of the other performances. The Gaither Vocal Band was fantastic. It was my first time hearing their newly formed group. Their vocals were awesome. I met a group called Crystal River earlier this week and will hear them perform in a little while. They have a very powerful song on the radio right now called, "I Stand In Awe" and all three of them are just amazing! You should check them out! I met lots of new people and was thrilled to see some of the people I met here last year. I had blast, Roxanne!

Please take the time to pray for my mother, Ruth. She had a shoulder replacement yesterday and is facing a long, difficult recovery. She is a big fan of the Isaacs family and had the pleasure of speaking to her favorite, Ben, before her surgery. I love you Mama!

I can't wait until The Isaacs perform tonight. They were flawless on Tuesday night and I can't imagine what they will do to top that performance; but knowing them like I do, I am convinced that they will. So, join us if you can and if you can't, look for the highlights on TV!

Have a blessed Saturday. Remember to keep The Isaacs' and their ministry in your prayers.


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