Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello From North Carolina!

Hi everyone!
This is Gina blogging from Morganton, NC. The Isaacs are blessing us with three North Carolina shows this weekend. My husband Randy and I are ticking off the miles with hopes of enjoying all three shows.

Last night, we were in New Bern, NC at Believers' Fellowship which is a beautiful church built inside a old retail space. The church was packed almost immediately. Staff members brought in chairs and placed them in doorways so as many people as possible could watch as The Isaacs brought them to the Lord with their wonderful voices and music. There were a lot of "first timers" who had never experienced The Isaacs live. There was so much excitement and anticipation in the room.....I knew it would be a great show! The holy spirit covered the room through the moving words sung and spoken, as well as the wonderful music. Just when you don't think they can get any better, they do.

Everyone looked great in purple and black. One of the girls has a great new'll have to wait for the pictures to find out which one. Each member of the group reported having a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Lily says she is happy to be back at work.

After the concert, we enjoyed a delicious, although late, dinner at Applebee's. It is always fun to see everyone relax after the performance. We ate, talked, laughed and ate some more.

The Isaacs have a friend on the bus this weekend. His name is Josh and he lives in TN. I understand he is a great golfer. Nice meeting you, Josh!

We arrived in Morganton around 1pm today, actually beating the Isaacs' bus to the church. We met up with Dave and Sherry Carmack and their children Josh and Jennifer. They live near Kingsport,TN and are long-time Isaacs fans. We had met them last month at an Isaacs show in Virginia and were thrilled to see them again.

The Isaacs are doing sound check right now. Of course, they sound great. I am guessing we might see them in black tonight. The show starts at 6pm and we are expecting a full house. I wish each of you could be here. We are waiting for our Lisa to arrive now. She is so much better at this blogging than I am.

I have a few words from some of the Isaacs band members:
Becky says, "Hello to all. Come and see us!"
Nathan says "Hi."
Thomas says "Hello, Happy New Year, eh?"
Ben says, "Hi."
Lily says, "Hi, God bless you all!"

Tomorrow we will be in Fayetteville at Fayetteville Community Church at 6pm. Come on down to beautiful NC and join us. And don't forget, Jesus loves YOU!!!! More from Morganton tomorrow.

Blessings to you all,
Gina B.

Check our website gallery for photos from New Bern, NC

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Beth E. said...

Looking forward to seeing who has a new 'do!