Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awesome Isaacs Finale in North Carolina!

Hello Isaacs fans! This is Gina with the third and final installment from the Isaacs North Carolina weekend. It was such a wonderful time. I wish you all could have joined us at one of the shows.

We drove in from Morganton, arriving in Fayetteville at about 4:30am on Sunday morning. We went to bed and slept until about 11:00. Then it was time to shower and get dressed. Randy went on the bus to lunch with the gang, then on to the church for load-in and set-up. I made the 45minute drive to Pembroke to get my mom.

The Sunday show was at Fayetteville Community Church. For those of you who might not know it, this is the home church of Wesley Pritchard. Wes continues to be the choir director and their choir is magnificent! They performed several songs before the show, my favorite being "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand". They were awesome.

fayetteville church signThe Isaacs took the stage looking great as usual. They did a similar show to what we had seen on Friday and Saturday with a few extras. Sonya, Becky and Wes sang the "Star Spangled Banner" while Ben looked on, waiting to see if Wes could hit the high notes. Wes did a great job. After they finished, Ben handed Wes his bass and said he was going to sit down. The crowd roared at this, but Wes begged him not to leave him holding that huge thing because he didn't know what to do with it. Wes sang a bluegrass tune while the gang played and harmonized with him. And, Ben, Sonya and Becky sang their beautiful acapella, "Blessed Assurance" for my mom.

After the show, Wes took us all out for some delicious Mexican food. Everyone was tired and silly at dinner. Those who had been away from home all weekend were ready to return.....myself included. When dinner was over, we stood in the parking lot talking, laughing, hugging and saying good-bye until the next time. Finally, it was time to go. Prayers went up for safe travels all around.

What a blessing it was to accompany this anointed family on their trek through NC. Randy and I were hesitant to miss church.....but believe me, we had church during each performance. It was so touching when Lily talked about JESUS and the fact that she was not allowed to speak His name at one point in her life. Thankfully, she is now able to not only speak His precious name but to shout it and to sing it for thousands and thousands of people everyday. Amen!

Don't forget to check the Isaacs concert schedule frequently. It can be found on their website. New shows are added from time to time so check it often and perhaps you can catch a show near you! And as always, all The Isaacs send their love and thanks to you, their fans. God bless each of you! And thanks for coming back to read these entries from this amateur blogger!


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Beth E. said...

Thanks so much for keeping us updated, did a great job!

BTW...still waiting for pics of someone's new hairdo! :o)


Anonymous said...

Are you a rock group?

You really did a good job on blogging Gina:)