Monday, January 26, 2009

Some good news and a great opportunity for you to get involved.......

Monday January 26, 2009
OK, you guys are great! Lots of great title suggestions have been coming in. Too many in fact for me to keep up the pretty little photoshop doodad at the bottom. I'll now just make a list of all your entries. Feel free to keep them coming.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see list of submitted titles......


Original Post:
Wednesday January 21, 2009
News from Alexandria, Indiana
by: Lily Isaacs

"We are so excited to finally be in the studio again. We are in the process of recording a MOSTLY A CAPELLA project. That means that some of the songs are without any music at all and some of the songs have just one instrument playing along."

"We are honored to have Bill Gaither and our own Ben Isaacs Co-produce this project. We are in Alexandria, Indiana today at the Gaither Studios. We have about 18 songs picked out and it is going to be hard to choose. Working with Bill is so much fun. He has a lot of creative ideas and between him and Ben we are going to have a fantastic CD. It should take us a couple of months to complete it and we will surely keep you posted about a release date as we get closer to it.".....

"We are actually looking for a really good title for the CD and that's where you come in. Will you help us come up with a catchy name for our project? We've thought of "Almost A capella" and a few others, but we just know you guys will have some great ideas."


Email your ideas for a title to I'll get them posted here and of course you can post comments on your thoughts about each one. This should be a lot of fun.

1. Isaacs Unplugged
2. The Isaacs - Music to My Ears
3. The Isaacs in the Key of God
4. The Isaacs - Just Us
5. The Isaacs - Naturally Us
6. Just Isaacs
7. Just We Isaacs, singing for I AM and You to
8. Praise In voice - The Isaacs
9. Purely: The Isaacs
10. 99 44/100% Pure A Capella
11. Only The Isaacs
12 Between the Notes
13. The Isaacs Pure Voices
14. The Isaacs - The Pure Sound
15. The Isaacs - Pure and Sweet
16. The Isaacs - Four Part Harmony
17. The Isaacs - Almost No Instruments
18. The Isaacs - Pure & Natural
19. Simply Isaacs
20. Isaac-apella
21. The Isaacs - All Natural
22. The Isaacs - Essentially A capella
23. The Isaacs - The Silence of Voices
24. The Isaacs - Musical Silence
25. The Isaacs Back To The WORD
26. The Isaacs Word Pictures Alone
27. The Isaacs Words Without Music
28. The Isaacs Harmo-Lyrical Only
29. The Isaacs Voice Instruments Only
30. The Isaacs The Instrument of Voice
31. The Isaacs Word Pictures
32. The Isaacs - Straight from the Heart
33. The Isaacs - Untouched - Straight from their Hearts
34. The Isaacs - A Family Tradition
35. The Isaacs - Harmony for the Soul
36. Here are The Isaacs - Naturally
37. The Isaacs - Doin what they do best
38. The Isaacs - Plain and Simple
39. The Isaacs - Just Us
40. The Isaacs - Family Harmony
41. The Isaacs - Just the Way you like it
42. The Isaacs - Soulful Melodies
43. The Isaacs - Back to the Basics
44. The Isaacs - With One Accord
45. The Isaacs - In One Accord
46. In Harmony with The Isaacs
47. The Isaacs - Lend an Ear
48. The Isaacs - On Wings of the Dawn
49. The Isaacs - On the Horizon
50. The Isaacs - Songs from Sacred Hearts
51. Harmony with Him
52. The Isaacs - HE is the music
53. The Isaacs - HE is our music
54. The Isaacs - Heavenly Harmonies
55. The Isaacs - Sing with the Voices of Angels
56. The Isaacs - Angelic Sounds
57. Four For One - Isaacs A capella
58. Powerful Words
59. The Isaacs - Just Words
60. The Isaacs - Entirely A capella....almost
61. The Isaacs - Our Voices
62. Angels in Disguise
63. The Grass is Bluer on the Upper Side
64. The Isaacs - Dig the Music and Pull some Grass (LOL, this one made me giggle)
65. A capella A la carte
66. Almost A capella
67. The Isaacs - Singing it Our Way
68. The Isaacs doing it Vocally
69. Vocal Grass
70. Mostly A capella
71. The Isaacs - A capella Mostly
72. The Isaacs Heavenly Harmony
73. Praise in Harmony by The Isaacs
74. The Isaacs - A capella with Style
75. The Isaacs - Our Style
76. "Voice Lift" by The Isaacs
77. Isaacly Speaking
78. Isaacapella
79. The Isaacs - Loud and Clear
80. The Isaacs - Joyful Noise
81. The Isaacs - Hummmmmmm
82. The Isaacs - The Voices
83. The Voices of The Isaacs
84. The Isaacs - Instrumentally Challenged
85. The Isaacs - Back to A capella
86. No Electricity
87. The Isaacs - Back to the Basics - No Electricity
88. The Isaacs - Vocal Sessions - Volume I
89. The Isaacs - In Tune
90. The Isaacs - Pure Heaven
91. Got Harmony? (you know, like, Got Milk?)
92. The Isaacs - a capella -n- then some.....
93. The Isaacs in every key
94. The Isaacs from A to G a capella
95. The Isaacs singin it old school
96. The Isaacs without some strings
97. The Isaacs on wings of angels
98. The Isaacs Purity of Spirit
99. Uplifiting Harmonies - a collection of Hymns from our past
100. Just Enough
101. The Isaacs - High and Lo and in between
102. Pure and Simple
103. No Strings Attached - Only the Isaacs
104. Silent Music - The Isaacs sing a capella
105. Serenading of Wings lift the Lord
106. Icapella
107. Natural
108. Simply Natural
109. Pure
110. Back to the Basics
111. Simply Sung
112. The Isaacs Capella
113. A Inspiring A capella


Maryann said...

If it's an a capella project (mostly), then I really think it should be a title that speaks to the Isaacs voices themselves. I'm not good at all with "catchy" phrases or anything like that. But when I hear the Isaacs voices, the words that come to mind are pure, clarity, and beauty. They have such crystal clear sounding, pure voices, which is a huge part of the reason I love them so much. Perhaps you could spin something off of that.

Anonymous said...

i am EXTREMELY EXCITED to hear this. i was just thinking about it the other day that it was time for a new one :D therefore this news excites me oh so much. thanx for sharing it with us, i'm sure i'm not the only one excited :D but my day has been made. i love the isaacs singing a capella, i love them singing anything, but there is nothing like hearing TRUE family harmony. it can't be duplicated by computers, it just can't be messed with. they have an awesome talent and God has truly blessed them so.

Carla from Kingsland said...

They were playing yall on the dish network bluegrass channel the other night. It made me sad cause I can't come to see yall in Hawkinsville. God Bless, Carla Adams, Kingsland, Ga (Nathan's cuzn)

Maryann said...

Whoever posted those suggestions on the picture lists were great! I love them! My personal favorites of those are:

The Isaacs - Pure & Natural
The Isaacs - Pure Harmony
Simply Isaacs

Maryann said...

Oh my goodness! They're singing "Does Jesus Care!" I hope that one makes the CD. That is one of my favorite hymns and they would do it just beautifully.

CARL said...



tracy said...

sweet harmonizing

Anonymous said...

All the suggestions are great! I'm not good with 'catchy' phrases either. Maybe: The Isaacs - Crystal Clear.

C.T. said...