Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantastic Weekend in NC!

Hi everyone!

This is Gina again, ready to recap the rest of the Isaacs North Carolina weekend. I last left you in Morganton. I was sitting in the green room provided by the church. They also provided a laptop with a password and an invitation to use it! We were all treated so well.

The show started just a few minutes late because of some technical difficulties with the sound system. Ben quickly fixed the problem and the band went to the bus to change into their black and silver attire. I believe they also got an energy boost from some goodies brought to the church by friend, Sherry.

It was cold out and hundreds of people stood in line waiting for a seat and a chance to see the greatest group of singers and musicians that gospel music has to offer. Once the door opened, it didn't take long for the seats to be filled. Church members brought in chairs and people lined the walls; it became standing room only! We had seats reserved but gave them to an elderly couple and their son who were leaning against a wall. We heard the concert from the church foyer, along with about 20 other people.

The performance was wonderful. Again, our Lord reached the crowd through the words and the music of The Isaacs. Their voices seem to get better all the time. Sonya's vocal abilities are unequaled. Becky is a genius when it comes to harmonizing with her siblings and when she sings, I, for one, am mesmerized. Ben's voice is one of the most under-rated male voices out there. And Lily sings like an angel. (These are my opinions, of course, and I am happy to share them with you!)

One church official estimated the crowd was about 700 in number. Another church member who was working in the parking lot said that about 125 more left after finding out that it was standing room only. They missed a terrific performance.

It was dinner at Sage Brush afterwards. It was very casual......everyone let their hair down a little. Then, on to Fayetteville for their final show of the weekend at Fayetteville Community Church.

Again, I wish you all could have joined us. It has been a very special couple of days. I will tell you all about Sunday's show a little later. And for those of you who don't already know, Lily is the one with a new hairdo. She had a little color change and is now a stunningly beautiful redhead!

Please keep checking out The Isaacs calendar on their website. Maybe they'll be in your area soon. You wouldn't want to miss them! Take care and God's blessings to each of you. Until next time.....


Check our website gallery for photos from Morganton, NC


JudgeBug said...

Sounds like the 2009 is off with a bang. Can't wait until the 19th, certain folks in Texas are having Isaacs withdrawls. See you in Tyler.

Beth E. said...

Sounds like an amazing time...wish I had been there! And I totally agree with you about the voices of Sonya, Becky, Ben, and Lily. :o)

Odie Boggs said...

I totally agree with your comments on their voices! Ben is the most talented human I know! He can do anything!!!

I am glad you had an awesome time! I was wishing I could be with you! but I am glad you were there to report from the front lines for us!