Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current Ireland Time

The Isaacs are touring Ireland and Scotland. They have 5 concerts planned over the next few days. Join us in praying for their safety as they travel.

To read some responses from concert attendees the last two on comments at the bottom of this post. Emails are coming in and also some photos from concerts. Nathan's mom Peggy has been keeping us updated and it sounds like they are having a great time. Ben, Nathan and Thomas played a little golf yesterday with the promoter and really enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll hear from some of the Isaacs sometime this weekend.


Photos from Craigavon Civic Center 3-19-09

Photos from Belfast 3-21-09


Charles Mills said...

Just home from the first Isaacs concert in Northern Ireland - awesome!! Their musical talent and professionalism is wonderful and amazing. It was a wonderful night, and most important of all, there was a marvellous presence of God's Holy Spirit. When Lilly gave a short testimony there was complete silence. They have a wonderful ministry and God was glorified tonight in all they said, sung and played. I enjoyed every moment, especially 'Stand Still', 'It is well', Blessed Assurance and they finished with 'I Surrender All' a perfect way to finish an amazing night, giving all praise and honour to our glorious Lord who has gifted them so well, and who deserves all honour and praise. Managed to get 2 tickets for Belfast on Sat - can't possibly be as good as tonight but will still be great. Thank you Sonya and co for a great night - God bless you all as you continue to minister

Alan Reavie said...

I attended the Isaac's first concert in Craigavon last night. Outstanding by any measure! The musicianship was exceptional and the harmonies were incredibly tight. Most importantly the Isaacs weren't performing - they obviously meant what they were singing. How refreshing to speak with Becky, Sonya and Lily and find them 'down to earth' and willing to take time with everyone. Thanks for giving us a taste of heaven as our Saviour was exalted last night!

Eleanor Ewart said...

We(Eleanor, Geoff, Joel, John and Kenny)were at the Ballymena concert last night! Absolutely fantastic- talented musicians singin for The Lord!
You were all briliant each in your own way! the speed you could play was amazing!! All the songs you sang were really special! Could have stayed and listened all night if you had sung all night and if we had a few armchairs!!!
Nathan you were fantastic on the sit on drum!!! In our wee group 3G our Malcolm plays the very same!! If he'd been there he'd have been lookin a few lessons!! The banjo,guitars, bass and fiddle were all brilliant as was the singing! It was just great to hear you singin together with and without the music. Great voices!
Thanks so much for comin to Northern Ireland so we could see you in real life! Enjoy Scotland my home country!! Would love to go and hear you there too!! Enjoy the beautiful mountains and lochs which I miss so much!!!Don't forget to try a haggis supper from the chippy!
Once again thanks for the opportunity to hear you all and to meet such down to earth people who have a real joy in what you do for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I just want to let you know how blessed we were last night at the concert in Ballymena.As I said last night,we hear many American and other Gospel groups with very little gospel content in their repertoire.As Sonya made the appeal for souls to receive Jesus as their Saviour,I thought: "these folk are THE genuine article". Your quotations from the King James scriptures underlined this as many are turning from the good ole ,rock solid version of God's Word to other modern translations.
I will get Cherith,my daughter to send you the pictures we took with you.
Again,thanks for mentioning the WW II veterans,even though we had none of our's there last night.I guess they're all too old now,most are in their 80's.
I'll be thinking of you on June 6th when we're in Normandy,France.
I intend speaking to Ronnie Dawson to see if we can get you out west to Omagh in County Tyrone. We have a brand new theatre here with accoustics that would really do justice to your voices.
Did you get a chance to see the Ulster American Folk Park? It's near Omagh,one of our best tourist attractions.All about Ulster emigration to the "New World". I guess imigration in America in the 18th century was not as tight as Belfast Airport in the 21st Century!!
Best Wishes and God's Blessing,
David & Sandra Marshall Omagh

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, we had a great night on Saturday 21st of March at the Isaacs concert in Belfast. The singing and playing was annointed by the Holy Spirit.
God has truely blessed the daughter and grand children of a Jewish family from Poland, indeed all the band members. My wife Heather, daughter Rebekah and I were blessed.
Meeting the Isaacs has been wonderful, my mother and father both passed away on Jan this year. Sharing your faith in Jesus Christ [ Yeshua ] has help me, He is indeed our rock, our salvation. Just like the song you sang , [ I Surrender All ] we need to bow the knee and give it all to Jesus.
My oldest daughter Ashley, who is married bought us the tickets in January as she knew we were fans
and it would pick me up after losing my parents. I just wanted to put a name and a story to people you have blessed over the years with your worship.
I have attached a photo of my daughter Rebekah with Sonya, I have more I will send on.
Yous have the voices of angels, but your feet are on the ground, thanks for taking the time to talk with us your brother and sisters

in the Lord

David, Heather and wee Rebekah

kevin aherne said...

hey,gang,kevin here i hope everything goes will in scotland. you's were brilliant and i cant wait for the next concer,lol. so jus wishing u all the best and thank you again lilly your testamony has changed my life but for the better,u have introduced god stornger to me than i ever believed i would because of u lilly i have been saved from sin and now begining my new journey in the shadow of jesus, my prayers are with you's all. o steve and all hope to hear from you's all soon o and nathan u can play the box,next time try the playin the radiator lol,only jokin so thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Thankyou again for coming to Northern Ireland. Everyone is so sad that you cant stay longer. We went to hear you on Thursday night in Craigavon and as my wife and I listened to you sing I wished so much that we had brought along our son Luke. God is good, we managed to get tickets for Saturday night in Belfast to bring him along. He is 4 years old and his heart nearly popped out of his body when you sang the final song "He aint done me nothing but good!". His favourite! We had a task keeping him from walking right onto the stage and singing with you! Please come to Northern Ireland again, we have a daughter, Faith, aged 1yr and she must hear you! Thankyou in Jesus name for sharing your time with us all. What a blessing it has been to meet you all in person.
And the musicians on the banjo, fiddle and drums were just something else. What amazing talent. Keep it up!,
Allister, Heather, Luke and Faith Jackson.