Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sightseeing and Mum's Day!

We have had a few days this week that we used to go explore the countryside of Northern Ireland… and let me tell you, it is breathtaking!  On Saturday before our concert we headed to Port Rush for some delicious fish and chips and enjoyed the peaceful shoreline scenery !  Then we headed up to Bush Mills and to the Causeway Coast,  where we visited the legendary “Giant’s Causeway”.  It was so amazing.. Stacks of hardened lava have formed pillars of stepping stones out into the ocean and up high above sea level.  We carefully climbed as high as we could and took some great pictures! We will try to get you some pics as soon as we can.  We had to head back to Belfast for load in later that day.

Our other adventure day was Sunday,… Our hosts for the day, Leslie and Carol Ann Brown (sweet people!)  wouldn’t tell us where we were going  so they could surprise us! We drove about 2 hours and got  onto a wee ferry for a wee ride across Strangford Lough (Lake)… we saw miles of yellow flowers blooming from bushes (Carol Ann said they traditionally used the dye from them  to color Easter eggs!) and then after about 40 minutes we arrived at our surprise destination:  a place called Down Patrick in the southeast part of the country.  We were at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and next to it was the cemetery where St. Patrick was buried in the 12th century!!  Did you know that Saint Patrick (his name was Patrick Brennan) is from Britain, the son of a wealthy landowner?  When he was 16 years old, he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland where he was sold into slavery.  He escaped to France, but one night in a dream he heard the voice of the Irish calling him back and felt called to go back and witness to those who had mistreated him.  How Patrick answered that call and brought Christianity to Ireland is one of the most splendid stories in history!
We weren’t able to go into the church because it was closed due to the holiday.  Yesterday was “Mothers Day” in Ireland!  And its so adorable how they all say “Mum” instead of Mom.  Even the cards all say Mum on them!!   So, when you see our Mom next time, say “Hello Mum Isaacs”!  

We drove around in the tourist- loved town of  Newcastle and viewed the grand Mourne Mountains off in the distance.  Then we stopped briefly at the majestic Slieve Donard Resort.  Behind it lies the greens of the famous Royal County Down Golf Club where famous Americans such as Tiger Woods, and Bill Clinton have been spotted.  That reminds me, Ben, Nathan and Thomas got to spend the first day here golfing in Portadine with Gary (the Browns son) and had a good “guy bonding” time Irish style J .  Thanks for a great day Gary!! The girls and some of the guys opted to go shopping, and found some great British deals!! 
After Newcastle on Sunday  we drove to the Glassdrumman House, a quaint lodge nestled in the mountains, for lunch.  The owner, Joan was at our concert the night before and fed us a delicious authentic meal consisting of  ham, lamb, roast, potatoes (they eat A LOT of potatoes aka “spuds” here too!), cabbage, broccoli, carrots, soup and dessert.  We pigged out and said goodbye to our new friend and headed back to the hotel to freshen up for church.. 

There is so much to see here, so much that we will have to return for!  Lord willing we will come back again and again.  You HAVE to come see beautiful Northern Ireland for yourself!

BTW: The wearin green or you’ll get pinched fad is American made, they don’t do that in Ireland : > )  Oh, and we managed to stay out of the pubs too…lol.

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Anonymous said...

glad you had a fab time in ireland! i was at the drop inn church on sunday night and heard you perform, what an atmosphere, such an annointing! going through a bit of a tough time at the minute with God, desperately wanted to come speak to you after but didn't feel that i had the words to express how i was feeling!! your beautiful music and presence really touched me and i just want to say thank you all so much!

safe travelling
prayers & love