Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Titanic and a Scottish Rainbow!!

Today we left N. Ireland at around 11 this morning and headed for Scotland.  We drove onto a ferry leaving from Belfast and rode for 2 hours across the Irish Sea… a rocky, but gorgeous ride. We were told that the Titanic was built right there in Belfast and sailed the same sea as we did!!  Boy, Im glad we weren’t on it today.. Lol.  

When we reached the other side, we drove off the ferry into Scotland.  Our 2 hour trip began alongside the ocean at the bottom of  tall green mountains and was breathtaking.. THEN we saw the most beautiful huge rainbow... Both ends touching down on the rolling emerald acres of Scottish fields!!  God reminds us all the time How Great He really is.  We just have to keep our eyes open!  We are pinching ourselves every day because we just cant believe we are here!!  We loved our time in N. Ireland, and certainly hope we can return soon, and are excited about the next 5 days in Scotland!!  More to come…!!

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Kirsten said...

I just had to write on here because you don't realise how glad everyone is that you all came to Ireland. You are definitely blazing the trail for the master.

3 concerts were not enough...we're greedy and well - we want more. The music was mighty, surely the annointing of the Holy Spirit is upon the ministry.

Hearing you live just blew me away! The scintillating sounds of Sonya, the beautiful breathy blues of Becky, Ben's blissful baritone and well...Lily's powerful testimony to the grace of God have everyone talking!

The strumming of the strings held the attention of the audience...the God-given talent was refeshing to the soul.

What was the best part of the Isaccs in Ireland? Your music was great but the message of your music was greater still. The Lord was truly high and lifted up. God's word was proclaimed and his goodness evident from the stage.

We know you were detained on your arrival and that must have really sucked but don't let it put you off coming back. The snare laid by the enemy was over wrought by the Lord.

I'm sure at every concert, you hear the word 'Encore' and so I relly hope you are going to give Northern Ireland an 'Encore' soon.

God bless you as you serve Him in the days that lie ahead.