Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby Boy Stockman

I've just learned that baby boy Stockman has made his entrance into the world. More information is forthcoming.........

Update: Oliver Casey Stockman was born at 7:12am EST this morning. WHAT A THANKSGIVING DAY MIRACLE!! Both Amanda and baby are doing great. Proud daddy Jesse says Amanda had an easy time and a very quick labor and delivery (we'll see what she has to say about that later!).

Amanda and Jesse chose to name the baby after Jesse's grandfather "Oliver" who always went to Jesse's concerts and festivals with him and his cousin who lived with their family a lot when Jesse was growing up. They've both passed on now. The names are very special to Jesse.

Jesse and Amanda are registered at both Walmart and Target.

Bet you want to know the weight and length huh?

Stay tuned for Weight and Length and the announcement of the winner of our contest!!
(as soon as I can figure it out!)

First glimpses of the new arrival......

Here's daddy Jesse introducing baby Oliver
video from cell phone.....

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