Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy but Blessed and Thankful!

We have had such a busy Fall season! First we all went to Europe for a week and had wonderful time. I got to take all 5 of my grandchildren with us! They had a blast and so did we. We met new friends in the Faroe Islands and reunited with our dear friends in Norway. When we got home we soon got ready for National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY and spent several days there. About 3 days later we were off on a 2 week trip out west. We traveled through Kansas, Colorado and all over California! Then in the first part of October we also spent a couple of days performing at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. Some of these trips were in addition to our normal weekend work days. So, yes we've been busy, but OH SO BLESSED.

Things will begin to slow down a bit now and we look forward to spending some time at home during our Thanksgiving break. We appreciate all of you out there and Thank You for coming out to be with us every chance you get. We Love You all and want to say "Have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!"



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