Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Great Morning......

This morning's service was again GREAT! The Isaacs were up early for one song "He Never Failed Me" which led into the topic of Ken Davis sermon. He talked about when you have Christ in your life there is always hope no matter the situation you find yourself in. It was very touching and uplifting.

We just returned from a great Mexican Fiesta lunch. Nathan, Troy and Jesse joined us and we had a great time. The rest of The Isaacs family decided to hang around the convention center for lunch. Our tummies are full but there's no rest for the weary. Only about an hour and a half til time to open up the table again.I'm in the lobby of the hotel where they have a great internet
 cafe set up. Nathan and his girlfriend Kelly are with me and Nathan wants to say a few words to the Isaacs fans.

Hey yall! Been kind of busy lately (not really, but kind of). This past week I spent some time at The Tracking Room in Nashville listening to Becky and Sonya while they were doing their demo sessions for their new album. It's gonna be Killer! We left out for the weekend on Thursday night and I woke up in Myrtle Beach in the early hours of Friday morning. We had a great concert Friday night and this morning's service was great. Looking forward to an even better one tonight. I'm happy to have my mom and Kelly, my girlfriend, with me this weekend. We've been dating almost 8 months now and it's been amazing. Kelly comes out to see us in concert whenever she can. She lives in Georgia and I am in Nashville so it's very special when we get to spend time together. Well, I need to check my email and then get back
 to the bus. We hope to see yall soon!


Nathan with his mom Peggy

Kelly & Nathan

Nathan says "Man, the folks are excited to 
see The Isaacs this weekend"  He's such a clown!

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carla adams from kingsland, ga said...

Hello Nathan, It's your other Crenshaw "cousin" just saying Happy Holidays. Bless you and those beautiful Isaacs. Be happy, stay healthy and drive safely. Love Carla