Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ben and Family spend Thanksgiving in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky

The Ben Isaacs Family

Sorry for the delay in the Thanksgiving blog.... We were in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky visiting my dad with no cell phone service and no Internet. We ( Mindy, the kids and I) left Wednesday for Kentucky with plans to get up on Thursday and do some rabbit hunting. This was my son Jacob's first rabbit hunting trip. He had taken the hunter safety course and was excited that he could carry his own gun! I had promised that once he passed the course, I would get him his own gun and take him hunting. Spending time with him and my dad had reminded me of my childhood hunting experiences. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and am glad to be sharing the experiences with my son. I do have to say that East Kentucky's rabbit population is down by five. After hunting, we returned back to Dad's to a fabulous feast of the best turkey, dressing, name it, we ate it! While the guys were out hunting, Mindy and the girls went for a nice hike up a beautiful mountain. Cameron and Kyra were troopers! They hiked 2.5 miles and enjoyed almost every minute of it.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Dad and Stacy and cousins until late in the night. The next morning we went hunting again but the rabbits were smarter than us and we came home with nothing but our smiles. We put in a lot of miles walking in the fields. We were tired and hungry! When we came back from this trip, Stacy fried up the rabbits from the previous day. They were delicious! After eating we took the girls to Dad's friend's house to shoot for a while. Don't mess with my women!! They are all three sharp shooters!

After playing on the farm and holding baby goats and visiting with all the animals, it was time to head back to Hendersonville. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for spending time with my family. After all, time is the most important thing that we can give each other.




Anonymous said...

Ben, thanks for sharing a little about your family and hunting adventures! I only have heard of your family band less than a year the music. We missed seeing you in Colorado this fall...was busy in the field. Hope to see you in Charlston on New Years Eve...We live in Wyoming..not to many good singers would travel here so we must go to where they are...:) Daniel

Odie Boggs said...

Hey it Odie again! Pleased excuse my typographical errors in my previous comment! Proof reading has never been my best quality. I feel as dumb as it sounded!! lol

Nana W said...

I'm so glad Rhonda sent this to us! What a wonderful way to stay up to date with you guys! We missed you on Thanksgiving and you were all in our thoughts and prayers, as always. Love the pictures!

Love and miss you guys!
Nancy & Tom