Monday, November 10, 2008

The Isaacs Welcome New Banjo/Guitar player.......

Thomas Wywrot was born and raised in Northwestern Ontario.  He lived in subzero temperatures most of his childhood, spending tons of time near the wood stove in his igloo.  "I had time to practice," says Wywrot who would rather play the guitar inside than play hockey on the homemade ice rink in his backyard.  After falling into Lake Dinorwick on a duck hunting excursion one chilly October morning, Thomas decided that the cold weather wasn't for him.  He soon found himself in Tennessee, jamming with the locals in the post office at ETSU, where he briefly attended university until his Canadian English became too much for the school to handle.  "How was I supposed to know you don't spell "colour" with a "u" down here?"  He had no other was time to start a career in bluegrass!

In only a few short years Thomas has appeared on stage with countless (9) acts, having had the pleasure of playing the Grand Ole Opry with Alecia Nugent, Bradley Walker and Mountain Heart. 

Now living in Nashville, you can catch Thomas playing banjo and guitar on the road with The Isaacs.

Thomas personally endorses Proulx Guitars, by Mario Proulx.

Check out the offical Thomas Wywrot T Shirt Store for some pretty cool shirts that I recommend you wear.

Make sure to stop by and see The Isaacs full tour schedule.

Check out these youtube videos with Thomas playing with various bands.

I look forward to seeing you all somewhere down the road.


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