Saturday, November 1, 2008

Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest

The lobby of the beautiful Sheraton - Myrtle Beach

Good morning from sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.I had a great drive to MB yesterday morning. I was able to leave a little earlier than planned and arrived at the beach about 10:00 AM. The sun was shining and it warmed up to be wonderful fall day. I did just a little shopping and then headed over to the beautiful MB Convention Center. The Isaacs were there and already had the product table set up. They were about to start getting showers. Nathan's mom and girlfriend arrived about the same time and after checking into our beautiful rooms we decided to head up to the Vidalia restaurant for some lunch. Well, they had lunch and I had dessert. Fried cheesecake with ice cream. YUM! When we were finished and went back down to the lobby my friend Gina and her hubby Randy had arrived. We had a nice visit with some folks from Norway, Eddy Houk, the Isaacs former sound man, Jason Crabb and band and a few others. Jason is filling in for Guy Penrod this weekend as Guy is taking a leave from the GVB. Jason did a fantastic job last night by the way. Around 4:15 it was time for The Isaacs to do sound check. They sounded great. We then had a little to eat in catering and it was time to get dressed and get back down to open up the product table. The crowd was sweet and lots of folks came by to visit and buy some Isaacs stuff.

Last night was an amazing service. All of the performances were outstanding. The Isaacs performed Walk On, The One I'm Dying For and It is Well with my Soul. The house came down after that last one, as usual. The speaker for the weekend is Christian comedian Ken Davis. He is so funny. I'm looking forward to hearing him speak this morning. Everyone was outstanding but some highlights of the night were Kim Collingsworth on piano & Janet Paschal - It won't Rain Always. The Easter's performance was very touching also as Sheri is battling cancer and chemo at this time. She looks great and sounds great. She hasn't missed any of her performances except the week of her surgery. Their daughter Morgan is doing a great job singing with them.

The Isaacs girls with comedian Ken Davis

The Isaacs first performance of the weekend

It was a very fun night. We finished up at the table after the concert around 11:15 and then a bunch of us drove down to North Myrtle Beach to Steak-n-Shake. We were about 2:00 getting in bed this morning. Man! 7:00 AM came early!! BUT, it's all worth it to get to spend time with The Isaacs and to hear some much needed heavenly music!

I will be back with some very special features that I know you'll be interested in. I hope to get an interview with Skip, The Isaacs new bus driver, Troy Engle who plays banjo and guitar for The Isaacs and I hope to have a moment with fiddler player Jesse Stockman who has an exciting event about to take place back home in Tennessee. Right now it's 8:52 am and I need to open the product table in about 7 1/2 minutes.

See you in a few..........Lisa

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