Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Message from Rebecca Isaacs Bowman.......

Hello friends!  It is so fun to greet all of you fun and sweet friends online. I am slow at this internet blogging, but with Lisa's help I'll catch up to you all.  : > )

It has been a busy end of summer and a busy start to the fall season. Levi (my 7th grader) has started heavy into the basketball schedule.....Monday night practice, Tuesday game, Wednesday night church, Thursday a game and by Thursday night (sometimes Wednesday night) it's time to hop on the bus!!!  No time to slow down. Just Gotta Keep On, Gotta Keep On, Gotta Keep on, Keep on Movin' Through the Valley, Up the Mountain!!!!! Levi loves Basketball and he's a great shot!  He loves to make 3 pointers!

Jakobi finds herself busy at the games being the cheerleader for Levi and his team.  She along with 15 or so other girls cheer for the teams. They run from Pre-K thru 2nd grade.  So, when I tell you it is so sweet, that is no understatement!  Jakobi is in 2nd grade and she has already told me that next year when she hits the 3rd grade she wants to play Basketball.  Sooooo that means I will be going to even more games next year!  (anybody got a comfortable seat pad?!?!) 

Poor John or should I say MR BOWMAN?!?!  He is teaching 4th grade and loves his class and the school.  He is so talented in teaching.  I just wish when I homeschool the kids on some weekends that he didn't put me to shame Ha Ha!  During Basketball season John is very busy with teaching and the games, being a Dad and husband and a regular church attendant.

Somehow we make it all work and I wouldn't change it if I could.  God is so good and I thank Him for all of it!!!!  I just wish I could stop time for a while.  The kids are growing up so fast.  We (the parents) blink and wonder how time went so quickly right before our eyes.  WOW!  Time won't stop for no one!

Well, I just wanted to say Hello to you all and let you know a little about what my home life is like.  I am sure it sounds a lot like yours.  I will pray for you and you pray for me!!  AMEN!!


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