Saturday, November 1, 2008

Myrtle Beach and The Isaacs....what else can I say?

Assigned parking spaces
Buses, Buses Everywhere
Hey! This is Isaacs Insider, Gina. Randy and I made the trek to Myrtle Beach Friday morning. It was a gorgeous, sunny, but brisk day. We drove to the M.B. Convention Center and entered the lobby at 12:30pm. The artists' product tables were lined up and ready for the eager fans to arrive. A few people were strolling around. We first saw Isaacs' drummer Nathan Fauscett and his beautiful girlfriend Kelly. After spending a few minutes with them, I looked up and saw Ben, and then the rest of the Isaacs family. It was great to see them, even though it had only been a couple of weeks. The last person to appear was Lisa! She had a room in the Sheraton which is attached to the convention center. We had a little reunion. Randy had not seen the Isaacs gang since April. He hadn't seen Lisa since February. He was having a great time for sure! We even ran into Eddy Houk, former Isaacs soundman/road manager.

We were fortunate to have "all access" passes. (Thanks Eddy!) We enjoyed dinner in catering and we had great seats for the concert. The lobby opened at 4:30 and Gaither fans started rolling in. Lisa, Randy and I worked with Lily at the products table. I always ask where people are from. I met folks from NC, SC, OH, IN, NY, Norway and England! There was a pair of gorgeous ladies from England and Lisa sent them down to my end of the table to "just talk" for me. She knows how much I enjoy listening to a British accent. The ladies were lovely and they are huge Isaacs fans.

The Isaacs performed just before intermission. They looked great in black and gray. Randy had never been to an event like this one and he had a blast. He was fascinated when different artists just walked over and sat down beside him. He did a real good job of containing himself, though.

After the show, we went to eat with Nathan, Kelly, Peggy, Skip and Lisa. It was nearly three am when we got in bed. Then, we were back up at 7am. We drove back down to Myrtle Beach in time for lunch with part of the gang. If any of the Isaacs band ever decides to stop playing music, they all have a future in comedy!

We are sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton in their little internet cafe waiting for the doors to open. Randy and Skip walked down to the beach just now. Lily, Becky, Jesse, Peggy and Steve are resting on the bus. Ben is practicing some new material. Nathan and Kelly are surfing.....the net.

It has been a lot of fun for the last two days. Tomorrow evening at 5pm, they will be playing in Lumberton, NC. I was born in Lumberton and I have a lot of family living in the area. I will be having about 12 people coming to see The Isaacs, some for the first time. I can't wait! I think the bus is actually going to follow us there tonight. Sounds like it might be another late night.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend. We truly wish that each of you could have been here. I am still looking forward to having that Isaacs' fans convention! God bless each of you. Keep reading....G

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