Sunday, November 2, 2008

In North Carolina today......

It's Sunday, November 2nd.  The Isaacs are in Lumberton, NC today.  After a great Gaither weekend it's nice to be back on Isaacs time today.  Last night's concert was great.  The Isaacs performed the Bluegrass Medley early in the 1st half.  Later in the night Bill called them back up to do Heroes and then they showed the clip from the Norway DVD of their visit to the concentration camp in Germany and a bit of the interview with Lily's mother.  Then Becky, Sonya and Ben did The Love of God.  Their rendition of that song is always so touching. Afterwards lots of folks came to the table wanting a copy of that song and also wanting to see more of the Norway DVD.  

It was great to see lots of Norway friends in attendance this time.  They all met in the lobby after the morning show and there was a lot of Norwegian chatter and lots of picture taking going on. They are such sweet folks and they love The Isaacs.  It was also great to see Bill and Debbie Decker again and they were a great help at the product table.  

The Isaacs are beginning to rise and shine this morning and starting to get showers.  Load in time at the church today is at 12:00 noon and after a few hours of set up, sound check, etc. it will be time for an all Isaacs concert at 5:00 PM.  Come on out to Lumberton and join us!

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